Forget the flame and experience our Suzi Melts that are designed in mini cubes (not sprinkles) to quickly fill the room with a strong aroma. Enjoy fragrance for days throughout your entire home.

Our Suzi Melts are hand-poured with our all natural vegetable-based propriety blend wax, scented with the best fragrances which burns cleaner and longer.

We do not use other vegetable-based wax (that actually draws dirt and filth in the air into the wax) and machinery to produce our products. We hand pour our products reducing wasted energy (electricity) and the toxins that machinery puts off while in production. We use food safe molds and equipment to create our products.

We test our products in a family environment (living room, bathroom, kitchen etc) and NOT a 20 foot x 20 foot space. Our type of true testing makes sure that our fragrances are strong enough but not over powering to our customers' smell factors.